Banana——–predict the risk of production and number change in quantity

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Early prediction of production risks and adopt corresponding solutions in order to adjust the production quality and specifications, can be a reference for market risk control decisions.

  • The number of cooperative farmers increased by 4 times
  • The number of production area under management increased by nearly 2 times


Using local environmental data collection and harvesting product specification record accompanied by big data statistical analysis methods and models, we analyze and predict the future change of harvest time, price, and quantity of bananas.

So What

  • Predicting harvest time, quality and price
  • Stable supply of high-quality products
  • Stabilize the income of farmers and cooperatives
  • Reduce the risk of loss of contractual partners and distributors
  • Provide early warning, production risk and farmland management

Customer feedback

Estimation of harvest time in the field

  1. After DATAYOO introduce AI technology, you can directly look at the visualized map.Bananas are calculated from flowering to the back, and when the temperature changes, the appropriate harvest date can be known.
  2. After DATAYOO introduce AI technology, each field establishes geographic information. The output of nearby fields and local fields will not differ much. If there is a smuggling, it is easy to trace back and find out the problem. There is no longer need for sending someone to guard the field.

Prediction and treatment of defective products

Because climate change causes the crop maturity to be earlier or later, DATAYOO introduce AI technology and predict the defective products fail to be exported and can let customers sign supply contracts earlier with convenience stores to reduce the number of inflows to secondary hawkers.

Coordination of foreign distributors

The lack of sweetness of bananas in summer has always been the main reason why most of our overseas sales stop in July, and less export in August and October.(Another reason is that there are many typhoons during this period, and farmers will deliberately avoid it.) If we want to increase the number of overseas sales in the future, there is a chance that the summer bananas can still maintain its flavor due to the lower temperature in the central region than in the south. But it still needs to do more research on the relationship between climate and planting for long-term data collection. The introduction of AI from DATAYOO will help track the production area, soil, and quality of summer bananas for a long time, and establish a improvement cycling system to gradually increase the sweetness of summer bananas and increase the availability of bananas in Taiwan.

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