DataYoo:a precise and controllable algorithm technology and application services for agricultural crops exportation.

2020 年 3 月 27 日 user 0 Comments

DataYoo focusing on risk management in agriculture, we combined models of crop physiology and AI machine analysis techniques to provide our client two services: Crop physiology Models Building and Harvest and Supply Prediction.

Crop physiology Models Building Service helps to stabilize crop quality, maximize the yield and gives some cultivate advices as well. Harvest and Supply Prediction System can predict the price fluctuation in order to sell the crops at better prices, give export or import advices, also stabilize the market.

The core competence of DataYoo is data analysis and AI technology. By integrating the farm of production, local growing data and market information into the analysis, we are equipped with sufficient knowledge that enables us to predict the comprehensive risk management solution for the whole supply chain, ranging from the production aspect to retailing aspect.

Furthermore, we provide “Data Application Service Solution” that facilitates the development of the mutually beneficial symbiosis in different industries to agricultural enterprise groups and financial companies, including banks and property insurance companies.

In 2019, in cooperate with the client, we managed the exporting pineapple in KaohSiung through the Data Analysis and Prediction Service. We raised the standard products from 50% to 80%, rejected substandard products from 8% to 1% as well.

Besides, through our developed remote monitoring technique, we helped our client, which is a banana farmer cooperative in Yunlin, increase 2 times of managed field and 4 times of corporate farmer.

Our goal is to provide agriculture supply chain including distributors, overseas traders and CSAs(Community Supported Agriculture) with risk management service. Furthermore, we provide agricultural insurance a model to develop rate differentiation with a variety of crops, also the basis to compute risk indices or launch more services.
We are eager to make data analysis product technique in Taiwan well-developed and promote it to all over the world.

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