About YOO

About YOO

A data scientist who was originally in the Institute for Information Industry thought that data science could bring a new atmosphere to traditional agriculture, but he didn’t have any agriculture knowledge at all. He could only start to do ignorantly with partners.

Our goal is to use data science to transform traditional industries, to bring real industrial transformation and change, and to make agriculture a competitive technology agriculture.

A few years ago, I participated in the Smart Agriculture Symposium and communicated with farmers and people interested in agricultural science and technology. I began to get in touch with the real agricultural industry and gradually understood what agriculture needs. How should we proceed?

We decided to start from a commercial point of view, using better industrial cooperation method. Previously, we believed that sensors must be available in the field for data collection and analysis. However, large-scale computing is what necessary to solve the problem of large-scale, industry, and to export Taiwan’s agricultural products, but not expensive sensors.
Computing achieves predictable production.

Therefore, we established DATAYOO, hope to grasp the tiny key factors in the sea of data and discover new values in the industry.

Using local environmental data collection and harvesting product specification record accompanied by big data statistical analysis methods and models, we analyze and predict the future change of harvest time, price, and quantity. And then we present to customers with visual charts to stabilize farmers; income and reduce the risk of buyers.

At present, we continue to collect and analyze a lot of crops. With the efforts of our
team, we can give the agricultural industry chain more information. We are looking
forward to the day when data science can truly change the agricultural industry and build a positive cycle of managing pattern.