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As an AI data applycation company,

DATAYOO commits to providing data analysis services for agriculture risk control, applying AI technology to develop animal and plant predicting models, helping industriy chain to early respond or to transfer risks, and creating new value. We recently launched an artificial intelligence services that can calculate everything, providing data analysis technology service to promote interdisciplinary industry innovation.

We expect members to enjoy this job and team. A working atmosphere with enthusiasm is our biggest goal. We provide flexible working time, snacks to eat anytime, no formal clothing requirement, etc. Hope everyone can find a sense of belonging here.

Why being a member of YOO worth it?

悠由數據作為新創,深刻感受到小型團隊的高轉速,並且願意相信夥伴能力而交付不同的工作。每個人都能夠非常專注在擅長的事物,讓我在實習生活裡能力突飛猛進。 (超多好吃ㄉ零食讓工作幸福指數爆表、(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

1st Intern  慈慈


1st Intern  寬哥


2nd Intern  Grant

Latest Vacancy

2020.02.05 updated

1. 網頁資料爬蟲機制 
2. 資料庫建置與維護 
3. 伺服器建置與維護 
4. API開發
5. LineBot功能開發 
6. 有前端開發經驗尤佳


1. 專案工作分工
2. 掌握專案進度時程
3. 負責計劃書撰寫
4. 專案書面報告及簡報產製 
5. 客戶需求訪談
6. 系統UI及UX功能規劃 
7. 有程式開發經驗尤佳